Education Verification

This is one of our core services and organizations, companies, agencies and recruiters all around Nigeria employ thousands of graduates a year and there is no seamless way of verifying the authenticity of their credentials or educational qualification claims.


We validate the educational qualification information provided by the candidates/employees.


This is to verify if the candidate/employee has truly obtained the qualification as mentioned in his/her resume from a legitimate university/polytechnic/college/professional body by providing supporting documents as mandated by the various institutions.


To assure the integrity of the data, we ensure that all verification are conducted officially by contacting the Registrar/Examination Officer of the mentioned University/Polytechnic/College/Professional body, etc., for carrying out the verification of a particular candidate/employee.


Our report will confirm course studied, grade and year of graduation.


Required Data for the Verification:

  • A cover letter authorizing us to verify the educational qualification information of candidates/employees.
  • Clear photocopies of certificates/documents to be verified.
  • Usually, the verification is conducted within a period of one to two weeks. Sometimes for graduates who have passed out years ago, it might take a bit longer.
  • If the candidate/employee is a female, the information submitted should reflect the actual (maiden) name with which the candidate/employee graduated.


Why We Conduct Educational Qualifications Verification?

Job applicants sometimes make false educational claims.

Education Verification is a valuable honesty check that helps to protect an employer against negligent hiring claims.

Educational Qualifications are key to an employee’s on-the-job success and compensation offered.

An Education Verification search confirms that the education, training, or certification claims of an applicant are true.

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